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The Chengwatana Township elected officials have opted to rescind the adoption of the state building code based on Minnesota Statute 326B.121 for municipalities with a population less than 2,500.  Since our services will no longer be required for Chengwatana Township, we would like to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Any permits issued prior to this decision will continue to receive life safety code services through May 12, 2024.  Please schedule your inspections prior to this timeframe so all projects can receive their final inspection in advance of this date.


Please note, the Minnesota State Building Code is considered a statewide standard and is the minimum level of construction regardless of local adoption.  Should Chengwatana Township decide to administer the state building code in the future to provide code assistance for their residents, businesses, and contractors, we would look forward to offering our services again.

We thank you for the opportunity to provide building code services.  It has been a pleasure serving your community.

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