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Consulting Services

​Minnesota law has established minimum standards for construction projects related to building durability, energy efficiency as well as general life safety provisions. These rules and/or laws are what is referred to as a “statewide standard” and are applicable in all municipalities throughout Minnesota.

Many jurisdictions have formally adopted the building code which requires the appointment of a Licensed Building Official to issue permits and conduct site inspections. In contrast, many other cities and townships have not adopted the code, simply relying on homeowners and contractors to be aware of and follow these established standards. 


Rum River Construction Consultants has found a distinct need to identify and summarize specific rules as they apply to individual building projects. As a MN Licensed Building Official appointed to several jurisdictions, our staff has established effective communication tools to inform and educate homeowners, general contractors, and insurance agencies.

RRCC staff regularly work with Licensed General Contractors, Public Adjusters and homeowners as they navigate the aspects of their projects and how the MN Building Code affects the overall design and construction.


Feel free to contact our office for any assistance you may need.  Thank you!

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