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Rum River Construction Consultants proudly serves the residents and business owners of Wright County as their Designated Building Official for commercial projects. Rum River is also available to assist County Staff in the Building Department with Supplemental Services for their residential needs. 


Rum River is committed to a quality, customer service oriented approach to building official and inspection services.  We look forward to working with you!

Commercial Permit Application Information

Commercial Permit applications and all submittals are to be provided in PDF format and sent by email to

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Enter all information in the fillable form, including the signature.
  3. Save the application to your computer.
  4. Click on at the top of the application.
  5. Fill in Subject Line of email.
  6. Attach your application and any supplemental information.
  7. Send to RRCC for issuance or review.  Thank you!
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Commercial Permit Applications

The following commercial permit applications require plan review.  Please submit all documentation required when applying for the permit to minimize review time.

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Archived Permit Information

To request copies of archived building permit and septic system records, please contact Wright County Planning and Zoning Department directly here.

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Please contact Wright County Planning and Zoning to complete payment for your project by mail, in person, or via online payment.


*Corinna Township and the City of South Haven collect payments for their jurisdictions.

Wright County Government Center

Planning and Zoning Department

10 2nd St NW

Room 140

Buffalo, MN  55313 

Phone:  763-682-7338

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Wright County

Fee Schedule

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