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Private Septic Systems

As a homeowner, you should realize that one of the largest investments on your property is the on-site septic system.

Before the septic system was installed, the design was reviewed by certified septic inspectors.  This was followed by several site inspections that were completed during installation to provide the proper basis for a functional sewage disposal system for your property.

Regular care and maintenance of your system will ensure it safely treats your wastewater and stays in service as long as possible.

The University of Minnesota has a wide variety of information for septic system owners, professionals, and real estate agents.  In addition, there are workshops and publications to assist with learning about and maintaining septic systems in Minnesota.

If you have questions regarding your septic system, please feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance.

Septic System Overview

Understanding your Septic System

Forms and

FAct Sheets

Definitions, compliance inspections... here is your one stop shop...

Caring for your system

How to care for your Septic System

healthy septic systems

The finer points of managing your Septic System.

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