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Andy Schreder
Chief Building Officer

Hello! I am Andy Schreder, the Chief Building Official. My construction experience includes residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. After a strong career building buildings, I moved on to the administration of the State Building Code. As a Municipal Code Official, I learned successful strategies for implementing basic life safety measures through plan review and site inspections. Now running a private inspection firm, I am able to bring all these experiences into a customer service and education based approach.

Phone: 763-291-3704    

 Email: Andy@rumrivercc.com

Roxanne Schreder
Head Administrator

Hi there! I'm Roxanne Schreder and I am the Financial Wizard and Head Administrator. My entire working career has centered around serving the public. My desire is to help people not only learn what is required, but why. My primary role is with the administration of RRCC, but with my insight and core values it allows me to lead by example in many facets.

Phone: 763-260-0395

Email: Schredrm@rumrivercc.com

Brant Schreder
Building Inspector

Hello! I'm Brant Schreder and I am the Building Inspector. All professions and business transactions include an element of customer service. My construction background coupled with several positions dealing with the general public has formulated me into a well rounded Building Inspector. I truly enjoy research, product application and I would say my ambition brings a definite spark to the organization!

Phone: 763-458-8294

Email: Brant@rumrivercc.com

Adam Barthel
Plans Examiner

Hi there! I am Adam Barthel, I am the Plans Examiner! Any successful building project must be first “built on paper”. This will ensure the effective use of materials and basic code parameters are met. Changes at this point are inexpensive and easy to accomplish. Adam understands this greater than most and excels at helping contractors and residents prepare project documents. His experience in truss design, material specification and jobsite construction are the epitome of what makes a good Plans Examiner.

Email: adam@rumrivercc.com

Dee Zimmerman
Permit Technician

Hello! I'm Dee Zimmerman. I am the Permit Technician! When you think of “attention to detail” and “accuracy” that is where I come in! The role of the Permit Technician is to ensure the legal aspects of the permitting process are followed. I make sure staff adheres to MN State requirements and while doing so with the most cheerful and sunny disposition.

Christina Bass
Administrative Coordinator

Organization and proficiency are quite defined by Christina. Joining RRCC by managing inspection schedules and office operations, Christina is a fantastic addition to our team.

Jeff Pleski
Lead Building Inspector

Hey there! I am Jeff Pleski. I am the Lead Building Inspector! Considering the wealth of knowledge and willingness to each, RRCC would not be where we are without Jeff. Every opportunity to educate is maximized whether it be in the office, jobsite or classroom. The ambition and level of professionalism is unmatched.

Phone: 612-229-5214

Email: Jeff@rumrivercc.com

Lisa Gruba
Administrative Assistant

Hello! I'm Lisa Gruba and I'm the Administrative Assistant! Every company needs an office manager, administrative assistant and general “go to” person. I bring a strong desire to learn and also bring my excellent public relations skills to Rum River Construction Consultants. Many co-workers say I help each of them to the best of their ability to make sure we give the best service possible!

Phone: 763-370-4533

Email: Lisa@rumrivercc.com

Bob Ferguson
Field Inspector

Hey there! I am Bob Ferguson and I am the Field Inspector! I specializing in wood frame construction and working as a Licensed General Contractor, I am know as the “go to” inspector when it comes to single family homes. Designs often include intricate roof configurations or tall/ large rooms which require experience in building code and material limitations. Building inspections has been a natural transition for me as I can now share my experience and knowledge with a great number of residents and contractors.

Phone: 612-309-1684

Email: bob@rumrivercc.com

Ben Polgreen
Septic Plans Examiner

Hey! I'm Ben Polgreen and I am the Septic Plans Examiner. The process of permitting on-site, private wastewater treatment systems requires a detailed review of the design and site soil conditions. My unique history of septic design and technical expertise ensure the licensed installer has the benefit of a thorough and accurate review. When a septic permit is issued, all parties have a clear understanding of the system details. Protecting our water resources is paramount and a job I enjoy being a part of. 

Email: ben@rumrivercc.com

Lori Blomquist
Public Relations

Hi there! I am Lori Blomquist and Public relations and teamwork is the cornerstone of my work. I play an integral role in the beginning and end of each permit. The start of the process involves accepting document submittals, organizing them and making sure all required information is provided. Then, at the end I look to verify all documents are properly labeled and organized for archive purposes. Working with a virtual cloud “filing cabinet”, my ability to organize and process information is the envy of any organization.

Jolene Burbel
Field Inspector

Combining a history of permit experience and now a licensed Code Official, Jolene is a critical part of our field inspection team. Plan Review duties and office assistance offers her a chance to be an important part of RRCC at several levels.

Dean Becker
Field Inspector


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