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About Us

​Beginning services in 2009, Rum River Consultants is focused on communicating critical information from the Minnesota State Building Code. Life safety provisions, building durability and energy conservation efforts benefit property owners and the general public as a whole. RRC joins the public need for building regulation with the efficiency and effectiveness of the private sector.

Rum River provides Contract Building Official Services for small to medium sized jurisdictions.  Cities and Townships that have adopted the MN State Building Code are required to designate a Certified Building Official.  RRC provides full permitting, plan review and inspection services.  Our staff also assist Municipal Building Inspection Departments to supplement their staffing needs on a contract basis.

Additionally, MN Licensed Building Contractors must obtain a specified number of Continuing Education credits each licensing period.  Rum River Consultants provides state approved training sessions throughout Minnesota as well as certificate retention as outlined by the Department of Labor and Industry.

RRC works with property owners, general contractors, and insurance adjusters to navigate code requirements that are identified and summarized by our staff for various projects by working as a subject matter expert witness in those situations.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to working with you in the future!

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