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Virtual Inspections

Rum River Construction Consultants is pleased to announce we are now scheduling Virtual Inspections in the field as an alternative to on-site inspections.  RRCC will be using interactive technology (Google Duo or FaceTime) that will allow our staff to participate in a live session with the installer, contractor, or homeowner to complete the inspection. This will not only respect the social distancing needs of our community during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also increase efficiency while decreasing the impact to the environment requiring less time on the road for our inspectors.

Google Duo or FaceTime uses a video call on a 4G smartphone or tablet in order to interact with our inspector. To see how a RRCC Virtual Inspection works, watch this video.


You can schedule a Virtual Inspection using our online request form or you can call our inspection hotline at 763-331-7722.  We also have developed a Guide for Virtual Inspections to assist you with any questions you might have about how to prepare for a virtual inspection.

  • Ensure your smart phone or tablet has 4G connectivity at all locations of the job site where the inspection is occurring, including all interior spaces to be inspected.

  • Have Google Duo or FaceTime installed on the device that will be used for the Virtual Inspection. The device is required to have a functioning web cam.

  • Provide the name and phone number of the daytime contact person that will be on-site for the inspection.

  • Provide your preferred app to use for the inspection (Google Duo or FaceTime) and the contact information that will be utilized to complete the inspection.

  1. Schedule Virtual Inspection by calling (763) 331-7722

IMPORTANT NOTE: When providing the contact information for scheduling: Be sure to use the phone number of the individual on the job site who will be working through the inspection. If we do not have this person's phone number, we will be unable to call them and conduct your inspection.

       For more information, refer to the RVI Instruction Sheet.

   2. Prepare for the Virtual Inspection

Prior to the inspection, ensure that the necessary tools based on type of inspection are readily available.  For example, carry a tape measure, level, step ladder (for close ups of ceiling), etc.


  3. Prepare to Receive Virtual Inspection Call

  • Make sure the smart phone or tablet is fully charged

  • Be ready to accept a video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the RRCC inspector

  • Have the required tools (tape measure, level, step ladder, etc.) easily available

  • Turn off phone or tablet notifications during the video call. Notifications freeze the video call and will cause delays to the inspection or could require the inspection to be rescheduled

   4. The Inspection

  • Begin inspection at street view looking at structure with the address showing

  • Follow the directions of the inspector

  • Walk inspection in clockwise direction

  • Walk inspection from bottom to top (if multiple floors)

  • Notes will be made of any items that need to be corrected

   5. Inspection Results

The inspector will tell you in the virtual inspection if the inspection has passed or has failed.  The inspection record will be updated and emailed to the applicant for their records shortly after the inspection has been completed.





  1. The inspector will update the inspection record after the virtual inspection is completed.  

  2. Scheduling of same day re-inspections is based on availability of time slots in the inspection schedule. Your inspector may provide the option for you to send a correction video or photos to them directly.

Client Responsibilities

Virtual Inspection Process

Inspection Failure Process

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