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Building code criteria can often be complex and detailed.


Interpretations and applications must be precise and reliable. 


Utilizing cloud based  technology, staff are able to maintain records, communicate with project managers on all inspections, and ensure documents are preserved for  municipal archives.


Consistency among inspectors and adherence to the published standards allows permit applicants to rely on RRCC for uniform application of all codes and standards.

Here To Serve You!

Professional Organization of Building Officials, Inspectors, and Educators

Our Passion

Provide excellent customer service while completing permit and inspection processes for building contractors and property owners to ensure construction materials and methods meet standards for a safe, durable and energy efficient building.​

Core Beliefs



Rum River Consultants

23306 Cree Street NW, Suite 103

St. Francis, MN  55070

Office:  763-331-7722

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